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After Fernand Khnopff's "Symbolism" and Etienne Dinet's "Orientalism", Lilit Nshani's artistic impulse has given birth to "Oriental Neo-Symbolism", born from two cultural influences.

Lilit is a pure soul who paints with her heart and with her philosophy marked by the oriental symbols of her country Armenia. She finds her inspiration in nature, psychology and the behaviour of man as an integral part of nature. Her favourite colours are shades of burgundy and wine red which she takes from the orthodox artistic and iconographic traditions.

© Patrick QUENUM (All rights reserved)


Patrick QUENUM

Art Historian/Art Objects Expert/

Art Writer at Luxury Splash of Art Magazine/

CEO at "Art Esthete College"

About emotions behind the scene

Endlessly in love with cultural heritage and nature, I present my art through the prism of cultural elements and sacral symbolism inherited from the Godlike people who once lived in the Armenian highlands. Observation-based artworks tell stories about nature, the human being as part of it, and behavior-centric scenarios as ax of harmony and sacral truths of the Universe. 

I strongly believe that humans need to live in balance with nature and with big respect towards every element of it. 

I use my art to translate nature and heritage by putting them into harmony with the inner vibrations. My art helps me spread these values and visions around. In my collections and stand-alone artwork, from symbolic landscapes and figurative art to  Oriental Neo-Symbolism, my artworks celebrate the hidden beauty, the power of tribal culture, harmonic freedom, and universal truths. 

In my eternal art journey, I continuously train myself to feel and express light and beauty through the prism of my values and ancestral wisdom. Driven with the ambition to make my art serve the light and beauty, I have chosen to create my artwork only under positive vibrations.  Artists feel all the colors of reality and I am not an exception here. Like any artistic personality, I feel all the dark shades and bitter tastes of life. However, I only approach the easel having extracted the light and beauty exclusively from the position of the light with my pallet of sceneries and signs, which aim to reproduce the harmony on my canvas.  This makes my art so honest, emotional, and deep.

About silence and rebirth

My artistic journey started back in my teenage years and even earlier when dedicated to my academic studies in graphic arts and painting, I recognized the power of art to help me overcome inner struggles so specific for that age. 

However, life took me in another direction for a long 15 years. During that period of artistic silence, I created occasional artworks for private collections and did not think about taking my art to a larger audience. 

Artistic spirit had seeds much stronger and deeper than I could anticipate. The rebelling processing inside pushed me towards the understanding and acceptance of myself as an artist. After phases of denial and unacceptance, my artistic rebirth happened and that was a moment of no return. 

Stage of recovery

After 15 years of artistic paralic, I had to learn to walk again and “wire my vision to my hands” as my teacher loved to say. I did it and I did it in a brand new way. The only thing my new artworks have little in common with my early art pieces is the ideas of Symbolism which was with me from the very beginning as a unique way of thinking and seeing the world. However, In contrast to the teenager with uncertainty as a norm, I rediscovered myself as an artist with a mature personality and strong beliefs ready to show herself to the world.

So Hello World! Here I am, a soldier of light and beauty, who realizes the responsibilities and blessings coming in a package with artistic talent.

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